Music in the shower? Go for Waterproof!
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Music in the shower? Go for Waterproof!

Would you like to have your music in the shower? Or do you want to listen to a podcast in the bath? Then put a speaker in the bathroom or take your speaker with you into the shower! But make sure that your speaker can handle it. Find out how to choose the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker for your bathroom; we have compiled the most important features below.

How waterproof should my speaker be?

Water is obviously the worst thing that can happen to an electronic device (just ask the person whose iPhone fell in the toilet!). Fortunately, there are now waterproof speakers. Of course, there are degrees of how waterproof something really is. This is indicated by the IP code. IP stands for 'international protection rating'. This also indicates how dustproof a device is. So you can easily find out the minimum protection you want by checking the speaker's IP code.

An IP code consists of 2 digits. The first digit stands for dustproof, and the second digit stands for waterproof. The higher the number, the better the score. See the scale below.